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Animal Facility

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Customized collaboration and coaching for animal facilities whose aim is improving the care, husbandry, and well-being of animals and inspiring audiences to care for and conserve our natural world.

Customized Packages

Depending on your training, behavior, and public education goals, I will create a package specifically geared to meet your budget and unique needs.

Real-time virtual training and collaboration sessions and review of recorded sessions and presentations are convenient and effective, and available wherever and whenever you are. Packages can also be customized to an in-person experience.

Let’s create inviting and engaging educational opportunities for guests to experience your animal's awesome abilities and adaptations, whether within the enclosure, on stage, or in the public spaces. 

Petting a Sheep

Services include

Animal Training and Behavior

  • Cooperative Care

  • Husbandry and Voluntary Medical Procedures

  • Improve Social Dynamics

  • Improve Mobility and Use of Enclosure

  • Decrease Stereotypies

  • Diet and Nutrition Management

  • Animal Welfare and Quality of Life Assessments

  • Dynamic and Inspirational Educational Programing with Ambassador Animals

Staff Support

  • Staff Training

  • Team Building

  • Professional Development

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Interviewing and onboarding new staff

  • Employee Wellness and Retention

Educational Programming

  • Captivating Guest Experiences

  • Produce, Design, Redesign

  • Presentation Skills for Presenters

  • Multimedia and Multi-sensory

  • Keeper Talks, Training Demonstrations, Exhibit Shows, Theatre Shows, Pop-Up Experiences, Meet and Greets, Off-site, Media and Traveling Programs, Behind the Scenes, VIP Experiences, Free Flight Bird Experiences, and More

Facilities, Enclosures, Maintenance 

  • Aviary, Enclosure, and Theatre Design

  • Engaging Environments Inspiring Natural Behaviors

  • Refurbish, Renovate, Rehabilitate

  • Safety Protocols

  • USDA and Certification Compliance 

  • Creative Solutions

  • Cost Saving Strategies


This comprehensive package is an opportunity to get started on meeting your behavior goals for your collection. We’ll collaborate on your focus and explore how we can work together.


  • Connect

  • Discuss your focus and goals​

  • Do some animal training in real-time

Get Aquainted

We begin with a 120-minute Workshop during which Cassie will share a Holistic Approach to Animal Care and Behavior and develop an understanding of your training and behavior goals. 

We will produce a recording of the Virtual Workshop for your internal facility use. 

Real-Time Training

Next, we’ll meet for 3 one hour sessions where we will begin to implement the first steps toward your goals, including doing some training with your animals. 


We can customize these sessions to your needs, choosing from all available services offered, including live training with up to six animals.


Following our sessions, I’ll provide an email wrap up and outline our training plans moving forward. You will also receive the video files of our virtual sessions.

$875 USD 

Virtual OR within a 130 mile radius of Orlando, Florida 32801.
*Additional travel fees may apply.

Family Visiting the Zoo

Continued collaboration and support options

Moving forward, depending on the extent of the behaviors you want to address and your training and facility goals, I will create a package specifically geared to meet your budget and unique needs.

Get started

We tailor our packages to meet your unique needs. 


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